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Patient Appointment Request

If you would like to establish care with Hormones and Wellness of Utah, PLLC, Melissa Lonnecker, PA-C, you can request an appointment by using the button below.


 More Instructions 


  • Watch for a return email which will come from

A button in this email (please scroll down) will invite you to complete the New Patient Paperwork. Please complete what you can and submit it.

  • Once your New Patient Paperwork is submitted, you will receive another email inviting you to Manage your Healthcare (this is your PATIENT PORTAL).

Input your email address and password, answer the questions below to ensure that the portal you are attempting to enter is yours, and submit.

You will now be in your secure PATIENT PORTAL.


    ** If you have already received prior labs or chart notes from previous practices, please attach these medical records to an email addressed to: frontdesk@hormonesandwellnessofutah.com

    It is not a requirement to have your medical records; however, if you were a client of Melissa’s at her last practice, please request your Med Flow Sheets and the  Encounter Form for the last visit from that practice. A patient’s Med Flow Sheets are typically 1-8 pages long. This will be enough information to at least get started. Melissa will let you know if it would be best to request more information on this.

    If you have questions or have a problem in this process, please reach out to admin@hormonesandwellnessofutah.com

    We are excited to begin working with you here and thank you for your patience through this change that was much more abrupt than expected for Melissa Lonnecker, PA-C!

    Welcome to Hormones and Wellness of Utah!


    See our Services & Rates

    Please see our Services & Rates here. Learn about each service that Hormones and Wellness of Utah, Melissa Lonnecker, PA-C, offers, what is included, and how we work with our patients.

    You can download a copy of our Services & Rates at the top of the page. Or you can download a pdf file by clicking the link below.


    Services & Rates

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    Previous Patients – Complex Cases

    If you had established care with Melissa Lonnecker at the previous practice AND you have a more complex case, you may also want to request the Notes from the last one to two years.

    Patients have a right to their Medical History.



    Please send an email detailing your needs to:


    We will create the opportunity to assist you.

    More Information About The New Practice

    In the coming days, there will be new information on our website regarding:

    • Access to Your Patient Portal
      • Access to your Patient Information
      • Access to your Schedule

    Additional updates and information will continue to be posted as it becomes available

    Learn More About Melissa Lonnecker, PA-C

    Learn more about Melissa Lonnecker, PA-C, Functional Medicine, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, and additional information by listening to podcasts that Melissa Lonnecker has been asked to appear as a guest.