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General Things to Know

The listed introductory prices will last through the end of June 2024 and will grandfather you into these lower prices.


On July 1, 2024, the introductory prices will increase to the Usual Charge, but if you get in soon, you can be grandfathered into the lower prices.

*Although Testosterone is a controlled substance, it falls under the “Hormones” rate and will not incur an extra charge


**Class II Controlled Substances have a separate fee in addition to a PMF because Class II controlled substances require monthly management, are highly controlled by DOPL, and increase our time, liability, and oversight.

If You Have Been a Previous Patient of Melissa Lonnecker, PA-C


  • If you have been Melissa’s patient in the past but haven’t been active with her in the last year, you WILL need to have an Initial Consultation again.


  • You WILL NOT need an initial consultation if you have been an active patient in the last year. You can make a follow-up appointment and contact us for your lab order at


  • Most people will decide to do a Comprehensive Initial Consultation. It’s a good “Once Over” if nothing else. During that appointment, we will be able to decide if the patient is a good candidate for Hormones Only moving forward or if they have other health concerns they would like to address. The Initial Consultation does not commit you to any additional services. Together, we decide on additional services during your initial appointment.


Hormones and Comprehensive Wellness


  •  Currently $795 until further notice


    • What to expect: Extensive labs are ordered that include full hormone panels including ovarian/testicular, some pituitary, full thyroid, and adrenals; metabolic labs; complete blood count; fasting labs for blood sugars and cholesterol; some nutritional labs; MTHFR; and inflammation markers. These give us an extensive view of your baseline overall health status and are a great launching point to discover and unravel underlying health issues. Ideally, these labs will be done 2 weeks before the consultation to get all of the labs back on time. The consultation may last between 90-120 minutes. By the end of the consultation, the patient and provider will come up with a treatment plan and decide how to carry it out in the coming weeks and months.

Hormones and Wellness of Utah offers our patients Program Maintenance Fees (PMFs). This enables us to give very personalized health CARE, and great service to each patient.


Once Melissa has reached the threshold of patients to time available, she will no longer accept new patients to maintain the standard of care outlined for patients utilizing PMFs. (At the practice where Melissa previously worked, her time was taken by patients utilizing PMFs, and she was at the point of not accepting new patients. It is anticipated that it will be similar in her new practice.)


PMF patients typically have between 2 and 4 visits per year. Additionally, our PMF patients may email the provider, within reason, between visits, if additional needs or questions covered in their level of PMF service come up. (Keep in mind that the Patient Portal is the most secure and preferred mode of communication. You can find your Patient Portal HERE)


If you need more than four visits in a year, your PMF will be increased to a higher level of care. However, you will still get a discounted PMF rate compared to the Pay-per-visit hourly rate (which is still discounted compared to typical practices that bill closer to $1000 per hour).


PMFs are charged monthly to your card on file and depend on the services you would like to receive. They are for the services provided by Hormones and Wellness of Utah; labs, medications, and supplements are not included. These different services should be discussed and jointly decided upon with Melissa. The following are the most common examples:

Please make sure to read each Service listed below so you understand what is and is not included in each Service.

Hormones and Wellness Basic


  • Usual charge: $110/month – Currently $110/month


  • These visits will have more basics than just bioidentical hormones. We’ll keep tabs on metabolic, blood sugar, inflammatory, nutritional, etc labs and symptoms and make treatment plans to stay healthy. This typically involves basic Functional Medicine
Hormones and Wellness Complex


  • Currently $145/month


  • This Service will include Hormones and Wellness Basic, plus services for more complex cases that are not straightforward. These cases typically require further testing and more in-depth evaluation. Examples might be when someone is dealing with an autoimmune problem, gut issues, fatigue, or something that is more than general wellness but doesn’t involve much, if any, pharmaceutical intervention. These may include insomnia and weight. 
Hormones, Wellness, and General Med Basic


  • Usual Charge: $125/month – Currently $125/month


    • This Service includes the services for Hormones and Wellness Complex and adds one or two basic pharmaceuticals that are already being prescribed or will need to be prescribed but are basic to manage. These are generally things like well-controlled blood pressure medications or well-controlled mental health medications. 
Hormones, Wellness, and General Med Complex without RX Controlled Substances
  • Currently $145/month


    • This Service includes Hormones, Wellness and General Med Basic and extends treatments that may include insomnia, weight, or other medical issues. 


Hormones, Wellness, and General Med Basic with Controlled Substances, but not Class II


  • Currently $150/month


  • This Service includes Hormones, Wellness and General Med Complex without RX Controlled Substances and extends treatment to include controlled substances that are not Class II


Hormones, Wellness, and General Med with Multiple Pharmaceuticals that may or may not include Controlled Substances, but not Class II


  • Currently $200/month


  • This Service includes Hormones, Wellness, and General Med Basic with Controlled Substances, but not Class II, and extends treatment for comprehensive services, but NOT primary or urgent care (*see below).


  • **Class II Controlled Substances have a separate fee in addition to a PMF because Class II controlled substances require monthly management, are highly controlled by DOPL, and increase our time, liability, and oversight.




  • It is not clear yet if we will be able to do pellets. This may take a little time to get figured out.


Pellets will be under the Hormones Only Service, or under a PMF. Pellets are done by a procedure that incurs an additional fee for the medicine and the procedure. We do not have current prices yet, but the


See Below

Pay Per Visit
  • Currently $425—for those with very basic needs who need only 1-2 visits per year.


    • These patients may not email between visits for further help or questions. Emailing between visits is reserved for PMF patients only.
Semaglutide or Tirzepatide & Any Other Weight Loss Program


  • For weight loss or insulin resistance. 
  • Initial discussion is a separate appointment and will be scheduled for $425
  • Weight loss program maintenance is $100 per month in addition to your PMF
  • Medications are an additional cost to the patient
Urgent Care Basic $97


  • (sudden illness or minor injury: colds, sore throats, stomach issues, sinus infections, etc, that don’t require a lab order)
Urgent Care Moderate $147
  • (as above, but do require a lab order, like most bladder infections). If we deem it more than we can do through telehealth, we will ask you to visit your local Urgent or Insta Care Facility.
Travel Needs Add-On $75

Travel Needs can be added to any other service.

Category II Controlled Substance
  • Prescriptions add-on for PMFs only increases PMF by $20/month for the first category II medication and an additional $10 per additional category II medication. *Although Testosterone is a controlled substance, it falls under the “Hormones” rate and will not incur an extra charge
Superbill $10


  • (we’ll need to charge more if they are complex)
Gut Studies


  • Currently $425 (labs are additional)



Genetic Studies


  • (other than MTHFR) Currently $425 (labs are additional)




  • An Add-On may be added per time spent
Patient Costs and Medical Insurance


Please understand that most medical practices bill between $600 and $1100 per hour. Specialists are often higher than that. This billing is accomplished by cutting the time that a practitioner is allowed to spend with any individual patient in order to bill 6-8 patients per hour to their respective medical insurance companies. Medical Insurance companies drive the way a typical medical provider’s office runs, requiring providers to continue to see more patients per hour rather than giving each patient the time and attention required to address the patient’s needs.


Hormones and Wellness of Utah is highly specialized and has chosen to focus on patient care. For this reason, we do not work with medical insurance companies. We will, however, be happy to give you an accurate Superbill that you can turn into your medical insurance company. A given medical insurance company may or may not reimburse you for some or all of each visit.


Patients of Hormones and Wellness of Utah will receive the services you are paying for. If, during our appointment, you request services that are not included in your current PMF, you must agree to be moved to the appropriate PMF to cover the costs of additional services.


Primary Care Practitioners are considered the providers who provide screenings for cancers, blood pressure, etc.


Hormones and Wellness of Utah does NOT provide primary care at our practice, mainly because we don’t keep up with the screenings done by primary care.


Please ensure you have a primary care provider you see at least annually for your annual physical and typical age-appropriate screenings. Those are all typically covered under Obama Care.


Urgent care is needs that arise that are NOT part of the typical needs for bioidentical hormones, wellness, and general medicine. They are sick or urgent visits and are not covered under the PMF. They can be added to an already scheduled visit or scheduled separately, but either way will incur an additional charge.




Functional Medicine works to ensure that your systems are properly balanced so your body can function more optimally.


Examples include when someone is low on certain nutrients it can cause certain health problems. So, we look into those nutrient deficiencies and balance them through diet or supplementation.


Functional Medicine can also include genetics and epigenetics, a really common issue being the MTHFR mutations that 70+% of us have.


Functional Medicine may also include lifestyle habits that need to be discussed, discovered, and tweaked to help you have more optimal health.


Functional Medicine uses more nutrients and lifestyle management rather than pharmaceutical interventions. I am fully trained in pharmaceuticals and use them when needed, but most of the time, a nutritional or lifestyle intervention can be used instead.


Treating hormone deficiencies or imbalances ties in seamlessly with a Functional Medicine approach.


Generally, Western medicine treats a patient from the top down (symptoms), and Functional Medicine treats a patient from the bottom up, meaning that we treat the root of the problem rather than just the symptoms. 


Personal Note from Melissa


I am so excited to build this practice with fantastic patients who are proactive in their own healthcare. I have been very blessed to meet and work with so many wonderful people.


Through many of you, I have met and worked with your friends and loved ones, and it has been a great pleasure to develop a positive working relationship with so many of you. I appreciate your confidence in me, and I look forward to building this practice into a very personalized and high-quality experience for each of you.


My goal is for you to feel very taken care of, informed, empowered, and in charge of your own health and wellness.


Welcome to Hormones and Wellness of Utah, PLLC!

Melissa Lonnecker, PA-C Mlis the PA

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